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in which a hand dryer is all of us

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If I become a fan of something I have to become a HUGE fucking fan and just fan the fuck out and just know everything and I don’t know why can’t I just ever go “hey, this is neat. I like this” without knowing stupid facts that don’t even matter but MATTER COMPLETELY


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Why is there always a problem that affects the budget on Love it or List it?

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I’ve probably cried every single day since Keith died. He went in 1978. I’ve never actually calculated, but it’s an awful lot of tears
John Entwistle (via j-o-h-n-e-n-t-w-i-s-t-l-e)
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Is it wrong that one of my friends is buying a micro pig to keep as a pet and I asked her how she can still eat pork when she will have a pet pig running around the house. And now she is pissed and not talking to me.
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It’s hypocritical yes. Try to educate her on veganism, or at least tell her about pigs, how smart and amazing they are. Or just steal the pig and give him/her to me. ^-^

There is no such thing as a micro pig. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MICROPIG!

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I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the intense weirdness of this photo.

Then I’d like to take an additional moment to appreciate the glory of Noel’s legs.  LOOK AT THEM.

"Your legs…they’re a bit muscular?" ;)

How dare you! He’s got thin legs! ;)

Chicken drummers, mate!

Still better than Van Morrisson’s beefy Celtic drummers