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My favourite Morrissey album is framed, but I’m not sure where to hang it at the moment.

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Pete Best released an album in 1965 called “Best of the Beatles” that contained no Beatles music but fooled so many people into buying it that it was investigated for consumer fraud. The case was dropped because no fraud had been committed, he was Best, of the Beatles.

(Source: 90-97)

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do dairy cows have to be continuously pregnant to produce milk or only pregnant once?
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Cows, like all mammals (including HUMANS) only lactate after their young is born.

Cows milk is for calves.
Human breast milk is for human babies.
I don’t know how long it’s going to take before people GET that.

Yes, cows within the dairy industry are forcefully impregnated to keep them producing milk. This is done with either a metal rod (inserted in both the vagina and anus)

Once the calves are born, they are taken away from their mother. The females are raised for the same destiny their mothers had, and 95% of the male calves are sent to slaughter houses for veal, slaughtered on the spot (bully calves hold no profit to the dairy industry) or sold to beef farmers.

Consuming dairy milk is actively supporting this industry. You can choose to make an educated decision and no longer participate in cruelty and exploitation.

Milk alternatives such as organic soy, almond, hazelnut, rice, oat - they’re all awesome and have health benefits // unlike milk, which causes health issues.

A cows entire life is controlled and dictated by humans. From birth til death, they don’t know what freedom is.

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Yeah, I just need to adjust. My mom is coming to visit Thursday to Saturday so that will help.

I see the sunrise from my bedroom over the ocean in the morning. It’s amazing! The sunset is on the other side of the island and even better. Everyone whose house faces the marsh is out on their decks and the restaurant fills up when the sun sets every night. It’s amazing.

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imagine waking up to pete townshend hovering over your face


"hi do you have time to discuss lifehouse"

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  1. I'm still adjusting to beach life. I used to get up at 10 and go to the gym and Whole Foods every day. Now I get up at 645 and run and then ride my bike to the beach then read on my deck by the water. It's such a contrast and I don't feel at home. I miss the city and we won't get a place there for a year or so. I just feel lonely here and I should be happy and at peace.